Engineered Material Arresting System -- EMAS

According to the regulation of FAA, the length of runway end at operational airports should reach 300 meters For those who can’t meet this requirement, they need to install Engineered Materials Arresting System (EMAS for short) which is equivalent to 3

Application:Reduce the damage and cost caused by the overrun aircraft.


System Introduction:

■LANZU-1 Engineered Material Arresting System (EMAS)mainly composed of a kind of crumple material with specific mechanical property, which is laid on the extended runway in decimeter increments, forming as an arresting bed. Once the aircraft rushes into the EMAS bed, the crumple material is designed to fail under the weight of wheels, and absorb their energy. Therefore, the aircraft will be slowed down and arrested inside the EMAS bed thus ensuring the security of aircraft and occupants.

System component:

■ Setback, main EMAS bed, backup EMAS bed, 2 slopes.

■ Thickness: more than a dozen centimeters (it depends on need)

■ Length: more than 150 meters to 150 meters

System Characteristic:

■ Maintenance-free+

■ Easy installation

■ Weather resistance

■ Water and moisture resistance

■ Environment temperature: Water and moisture resistance

■ 20 years ’service life.